Found Space Brand Campaign

After CHEER SQUAD approached us to direct a latest Found Space campaign, we knew what we needed to do.

Our aim was to embed the film with a strong focus on nature, connection, experience and sensation, with dramatic scenery and dynamic camera movement.

By surrounding ourselves with some of the most dependable collaborators around, we turned the logistically impossible into a film we couldn’t be more proud of.

"We wanted to push the commercial into some vast, dramatic places, leveraging an expansive visual connection to health and wellbeing.

We abandoned initial plans to use dream screen tech in favour of authenticity, instead favouring to shoot the commercial out in the wild. This meant battling all of the elements, building and powering a sauna on a cliff's edge and the depths of a forest, shooting underwater in an ice-cold sea and constructing an ice bath on a beach. All whilst talent braved the cold in pretty minimal clothing.

Despite some monumental logistical challenges, I’m proud of what everyone involved managed to pull off."

Alexander Naughton | Director and Cinematographer

Three days, three products, four locations, and a fervent adherence to our creative idealism.

  • Client
  • Executive Producer
  • Producer
  • Director and Cinematographer
  • Production Manager + 1st AD
  • 1st AC
  • 2nd AC
  • Steadicam Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Best Person
  • Stylist
  • Hair and Makeup Artist
  • Equipment
  • Found Space
  • Jared Kettle
  • Jack Dixon-Gunn
  • Alexander Naughton
  • Cielo Croci
  • Harrison Huggins
  • Cameron Armstrong
  • Sam Bennetto
  • Francis Healy-Wood
  • Sarah Ghassali
  • Milana De Mina
  • Sam Pearce
  • Offshoot Rentals + a.n studio